Tell me, how do parents pick children’s books?

Reaching out to parents and grandparents that help guide their children’s reading choices! I want to know what you parents seek when choosing children’s books to purchase. My first published book, Kitty Born at Sea, caters to middle graders, those 8 to 12-year-old readers transitioning away from picture and chapter books.¬†However, my readers’ ages have thus far been between 8 to 82. I assume the broad age range because parents and grandparents shop for children’s books and pass them on to kids.

But do parents read the same books first before passing them on? I find myself collecting children’s books because I am an author of children’s books. The collection started as research for me, but now I look forward to reading my research. Do you feel the need to first read books or excerpts before purchasing?

Do you, as parents and grandparents, screen books and authors? Do you first screen books for value, pure entertainment, moral lessons, imagination, or education before buying? In other words, do you have any particular guidelines that are critical to your purchases? And do you find yourself comfortable to stop screening books once you are fond of a particular author?

Or do your children buy their own books? In school years ago, I had an approved buying list of books to choose for purchase. It was printed and easy. I read the reviews on the pamphlet, and picked as much as my parents allowed. Today, with the endless number of options online, how do parents and grandparents control the obvious risks?

I love writing children’s adventures, but like many of us parents, I am not an expert on children’s books. I am an author seeking mommies, grandmas, and all parents able to respond so I can better write children’s books that are informative,¬†entertaining, and full of value.

Looking forward to your feedback! Donna Mae Smith



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